Mid-Plains harnesses the power of flight, and video technology, to market your property! Lots of real estate companies have video tours, but very few have the FAA licenses to get that footage from where it truly counts….in the air!

By combining our commercially licensed drones with the latest video technologies we can show prospective buyers your property from the view, and clarity, of an eagle’s eye. This is especially important when there is snow, or tree coverage, hiding important points of your property.

By incorporating property boundaries and pointing out highlights all within the view of the property, buyer’s will have a much better understanding of how your property is laid out compared to the properties that surround it, and that can mean more money in your pocket.

The best part is that because our Eagle Eye Tours are produced in-house, there is no additional charges for this service to our sellers.   

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What Our Clients Say

I'm so grateful for the wide range of knowledge Gil shared with us as we ventured into considering a land purchase for the first time. His diverse prior experience, generosity of time, and willingness to answer question after question (as well as anticipating questions we might have, or *should* have) is/was so appreciated. With his help, we now feel much more empowered to make decisions and and to feel confident in those decisions. Thank you Gil!

- Lisa

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