Why Sell your property by Auction?

Auctions for farmland, recreational property, and residential homes have been around for as long as anyone can image. Auctions give the seller the opportunity to firmly set their terms for the sale, while knowing exactly how long it will be on the market.

From the buyer's side, the buyer knows the seller is committed to sell the property and that the sale price was the true market value.

In the age of technology, with our Mid-Plains Auction App, you no longer need to take time from your busy schedule, or hire a proxy bidder, to buy or sell an auctioned property. Our app brings the auction to you!

Benefits to Sellers

Benefits to the Buyers

  • Seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale, closing company, and closing date.
  • The property is sold without the worry of buyer contingencies.
  • Seller can set the property viewing schedule.
  • Seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
  • The price of the property can exceed the price of a traditional listing sale.
  • The seller can set a reserve price to ensure it’s an acceptable selling price.
  • Auctions create competitive bidding among buyers.
  • Seller knows the buyers have been vetted and approved before the auction
  • Using the Mid-Plains App, removes the physical barriers of the bidders


  • Buyer can perform their own due diligence and inspections prior to auction
  • Buyer knows the property has a marketable title.
  • Buyer knows the closing date and closing company prior to the sale.
  • Buyer knows the seller is committed to the sale of the property.
  • Buyer knows they are paying the true market value of the property
  • Buyer can bid from anywhere using the Mid-Plains App

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