Eagle Eye Tours

Mid-Plains harnesses the power of flight, and video technology, to market your property! Lots of real estate companies have video tours, but very few have the FAA licenses to get that footage from... [read more]

Charity Auctions

Mid-Plains cares about your community as much as you do. We want to help give back to the Nebraska counties and communities we serve. By partnering your charity, church, or school with the Mid-Plains... [read more]

Property Auctions

Why Sell your property by Auction?Auctions for farmland, recreational property, and residential homes have been around for as long as anyone can image. Auctions give the seller the opportunity to... [read more]

Traditional Sellers

Every real estate company is filled with very talented licensed agents that technically know how a real estate sale transaction works and how to simply list your property. To be licensed agents,... [read more]

Traditional Buyers

Mid-Plains is committed to a positive buying experience no matter if you’re buying your first home or are an experienced land investor. Many times, we can even help you purchase a new property... [read more]

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